Friday, July 15, 2011

Where bloggers create

Well it's party time again! thanks to the wonderful karen from My desert Cottage .
  I started taking photos the other day of where I create and I realised I have taken over the house! I take all my photos of my raggedy annie dolls and bears in my lounge room I have a storage cabinet in the lounge room and one in the hall way on the way out to my little studio, and I do mean little.
  Not a lot of room but I have lots in it and two really large storage cabinets.

this is my storage cabinet in the lounge room this is where I keep all my craft books and magizines and a growing collection of vintage bibles.  My house is very french country in style.

here are a couple of my raggedy annie dolls! I love these little ones. This is the cabinet that I do all my photos at.

here are a couple of my artist bears two are little elephants waiting to be finished for my september show! Lots of work still to be done. but they do look so cute sitting together.

This is another storage cabinet I love this one very shabby chic french looking and I love the vintage blue glass I have had this one for close to 8 years now. This is the cabinet on the way out to the studio

this little golly is one of my latest dolls for I will have for sale with one of my bears for the september show, the bear has not been made yet, she is sitting with one of my whendis bears!

I took this one while sitting at my desk in my little studio you can see a couple of other bears that I am working on.  I like to work on a couple at a time I think I have about 6 or 7 on the go,

Meet little lapin my french bunny, she is just waiting on a little black beret!

Here is one of my latest purchases from Wendy Meagher of Whendis bears this is little poppet sitting with my sailor bear! I'm in love with these guys.

Here is my collection of whendis bears! this has taken me about 4 years of collecting it's really hard to get them! they are alway sold by the time i see them. If i could I would buy them all.

this photo is one of my two storage cabinets or shelfing units! it store a lot and can get really untidy when I am looking for something I can't find. does not look the best but is fantastic for storage in small spaces!

Pretty little pink bear is for sale at the moment! she was left over from my recent show you can find her on my etsy site here

another shot of my desk party clean. If I am not creating here you will find me here everyday!
at my kitchen table I love working here.

You can even see my sewing machine in this photo, this is our dinning table. and beleive me it does not alway look like this you all know how untidy we can get when we are creating.

here is another creation of mine a little ellie wearing a vintage dolls bonnet this little girl lives with me.
it's not often I make something for myself.

I could keep going for ever with photos, I hope you had fun looking around my little studio and seeing what I do everyday of the week. thanks again to the wonderful karen from My desert cottage for holding this party
Now I am off to visit everyone
 Have a beautiful Evening Lisa


Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely...what a great tour of your creative are on a bear making role...woohoo, they all look so special and your space is divine!
Thanks for the tour and have a truly wonderful weekend.
Kiss Noises Linda

Something Special said...

Your studio is beautiful and so are your bears. Nice tour, and I love the way the pictures look so soft!

Pretty Things said...

I just love the old mannequin by your Raggedy Ann dolls (I had one of those dolls as a child and I wonder what my mother did with it?). Your space is so pretty, full of vintage, which I love.

I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Such a pretty house Lisa - love the photos of your bears in progress. Thanks for sharing.

marie said...

Oh my! You make beautiful things in your creative spaces. Looks like everyting is wonderfully organized too! Thanks for sharing it with us.

PS. I love your blod header!! It's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

aww, I love your little bears, bunnies, and elephants. They are so cute! Your cabinets are BEAUTIFUL. Especially the one with the blue glass :) Thanks for sharing your creations and space!


bertie said...

Hi Lisa! I love your studio and just fell in love with that little bunny friend of sweet! Your space has a very dreamy flair to it and I could imagine just getting lost in creativity amongst all of those treasures! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope to see you over at my Queen B. Cottage studio soon!bertie

Karen Valentine said...

Your space is really beautiful and LOVE your vintage bears! I can see why you have a passion for them! Thank you so much for letting us have a peak inside your space(s)!! LOL!
Have a great weekend!

Cindy Craine said...

Great space! It looks like you could stay in there all day and never come out! How on earth do you stay soooooooo organized???? Come see me over at Lilly's Lace and you'll see a disaster waiting to happen!!! Love it all-cindy

Anonymous said...

Oh my what precious little creations you make in your wonderful space!! They are just so sweet- I don't think I would be able to give any of my babies up if I could make some as cute as yours!

Claudia said...

Love all your beautiful furniture. Your creations are wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Rebecca said...

Love it all my friend. What a GREAT TOUR of your place. You are a bear-making QUEEN! Oh my gosh...I love them! Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing with blogland. I'm soo inspired.

Blessings upon your talented hands.

Love, Rebecca

Art by Ruth Sagrario Macotela said...

Your Studio is gorgeous, I ♥ your dolls and your vintage style, thanks for sharing.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

it's a sweet creative space and so much inventory! wow....i love where you sew. "sew" pretty! merci for stopping by MY studio. it's been fun to see everyone's space. your compliments mean so much! :)

kluless said...

Love your sweet little creations! Thank you for sharing.

Donna said...

I love all your dolls and sweet!!! Great space!!!But I didn't see any sheep? LOL I collect sheep!!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Your work is adorable. Those little elephants take my breath away. How cute! You must feel completely inspired in this lovely workspace! *smiles* Norma

Kathy Karas said...

love your photos Lisa . It is a beautiful blog !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful tour, i love your vintage bears,
love from Belgium,

Maggie said...

Thanks for the tour of the sweet place where you create your wonderful bears! Just lovely!


Terri said...

Vintage lovelyness. Sweet creations. Such talent. TFS!!!

Sandra Kaye said...

Very sweet bears, and rabbits!!! Thanks for sharing your spot. Sandie

stephanie said...

I'm loving visiting everyone's creative spaces...

So, inspiring.

Nook & Cranny said...

I love your creative space. I specially love all of your little bears and other friends. Makes the heart smile.
Thanks for sharing.

Creative Grammie said...

What a pretty studio to create in. Your work is just as pretty as your studio.
Thank you for sharing your dreamy space and your cute dolls and bears; great work you do.

Valery said...

Love all your trinkets and treasures in your studio. I also have to tell you that I just love your blog header!

Debbie said...

I don't know where to start, I love it all!! I think I need to set up a play date, what fun I would have.
Great photos of your cozy space!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Angela Weimer said...

Your cabinets are so beautiful like from a french country cottage. Your creations are so amazing. Each one with its own little personality even the unfinished ones you can see their beauty. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful day. Angela


Beautiful space with lots of goodies! I love your collection of dolls and bears.
Thanks for sharing and inspiring! This is such a wonderful blog party.
Have a beautiful day!

Shabby Soul said...

I am really late finding this 'where bloggers create" party - but so happy I did! You work is beautiful & I am in love with your dining room!