Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas I hope Santa brings you everything you can dream off.All the presents are wrapped  Just one last sleep if only I could get the kids to sleep!

Have a beautiful night Lisa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

look what arrived in the mail today

What a lovely surprise to received this beautiful gift in the mail that I won from the wonderful kirstie  from here they are just beautiful and I have them sitting on my christmas tree.  You should have seen the package it was beautiful I have taken some photos to share.  thanks so much kirstie! I will treasure them!

what a beautiful package!

Kirstie I love your business card which was attached

I am in love with these tags they are going on the christmas tree

this is the beautiful package they came in

Here they are on the tree! they look amazing

here is the tag next to my handmade paper clay snowman that I made for the tree this year

Have a beautiful Monday Lisa

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas tree trimming

this is the tree for 2010

Some christmas cooking "Tiny Gingerbread men" they all went off to school today to thank the teachers for doing such a wonderful job all year!

home made fruit mince pies! also packed and sent to school today!

Close up of the tree

another close up of the tree and one of my handmade shoe ornaments

My Nativity Scene

Christmas stocking I made for the kids when they where little!

It's that time again for the christmas tree trimming, I am not ready for chrsitmas this year. I can't beleive the year has gone so fast, we did out tree trimming on the 1st of december, like we do every year.  I cooked a roast chicken for dinner and set the table beautifully.  I am still to do the christmas shopping I did make a start yesterday but i still have a lot to do.

Hope you have a beautiful day Lisa

Sunday, November 28, 2010

christmas crafting for the tree

I have been busy this weekend making clay snowmen for my christmas tree, I love them so much, I have already had someone ask me to make some for them! So let me know if you would like some made price is $10.00 for large and $7.00 for the small one. They stand at 13cm 5" for the large and 11cm 4.5" for the small

I know it is getting close to christmas but if you put your orders in now I can get them done in the next week!

Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Business Cards

My new business cards have arrived and I love them I designed them myself I love the way they have turned out.  I just had to share with you.

Have a beautiful Friday Lisa

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Stock for the Website

Fawn & Buttercream

baby Blue

baby Pink


Crimson Red

Well it's back to work after having the day off for my daughters 18th birthday we took the day off to go shopping! And boy did we shop.  While I was out I had some new stock arrive I love these Wooden Cotton bobbins.  I will list photos of all the colours I have and they should be on the website tonight, My blog and website have been updated with new template and the wonderful amy has done an amazing Job! thanks Amy

I love the new colours I hope it fits better with what I have planned in the coming month.

happy Birthday Paris.  You made it to 18!

Have a beautiful day Lisa

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the great stocking swap

this is the stock I made for the great stocking swap! this was a lot of fun and I hope my partner loves it.

this is a little pillow handbag that I made today I have lots of vintage lace and linen and have wanted to make some little cushion for a while but have been so busy with Olive Grove Primitives (My Olive annie Dolls)
I am also in the process of updating my blog and website. I will have lots of new stock coming soon!  As i will be at the Craft expo next year hear in Brisbane at the convention centre

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Dress form - Pin Cushion

The above dress form pin cushion is sitting on a vintage block it stands at 25cm 9.5"

I have been working on this idea for a couple of days thinking about it, it came into my head while I was trying to sleep the other night, that's when I seem to think about all things! So i set to work this morning on it and this is what I came up with.  I love dress forms and pin cushions!

 I am also going to try and change it a littlle to make it into an ornament for the christmas tree, each year I think of a new ornament for the tree as I love to handmake all my tree ornaments.

On monday I completed another dress form this one was made from paper mache so I working on and of all day and this is the end product.  I am really happy with it.

have a beautiful Saturday Lisa

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well i am not sure if any one has seen a photo of me before as I hate my photo being taken.  This was taken at my 40th birthday party. I really love it.  So I thought I would share it will everyone!

have a beautiful Evening All.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

to much fabric - fabric for sale

If you are interested just email me and I can include lots more photos and close up so you can see detail!

I also have the flowers in a pink colour! I can show closeups of the flowers to

there has been a small break in the metal but it does still stay in place and can be repaired
I also have this pink dress form. price is $75.00
Well since closing my shop in 2009 I still have a lot of stock left and fabric I sold a lot but this is what is left and I will never work my way through it all.  so if you know of anyone who would like some quilting fabric at $12.00 a metre retails for $22.00 a metre.  we are trying to work our way through cleaning the shed and I am short on room in the studio, you could say I am trying to spring clean.  I also have a lot of ornamental bird cages! I also have these beautfiul flowers they retail for $35.00 each I will be selling them for $10.00 a stem in the photo there are 2 stems.

have a beautiful day Lisa

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

two new badges to add to the website

"Keep calm and carry on" in black I also have it in white

"Keep calm and eat a cupcake" in pink it also comes in brown

here are a couple of new badge designs that I will be adding to the website tomorrow! I am working on some news ones now. I have also added the dress form to the website so pop over if you would like to see it.

 have a beautiful Evening Lisa

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dress Forms

handmade from calico which I dyed with parrisian and vanilla to give it an aged look I have used Cheese cloth/muslin at the bottom with a pin badge!

Well I think we all love dress forms I have a passion for them, and I have been working on this dress form for a while, its a little different but I love the way it has turned out so much. they will be on the website this week for sale! 

they stand 35cm 14" they stand on a vintage cotton bobbin and I have added one of my vintage style pin badges.  I have stamped the name paris on the top with fabric paint. I have just finished two and I have a couple more that I am working on.

 I have added a photo of the baked cheesecake I made a Chocolate cherry cheesecake! it was beautiful and didn't last long at all.

Have a beautiful Monday Lisa

Friday, August 20, 2010

40 Today

Today is my birthday and I have had a beautiful day with my family and lots of presents! I also got to spend the day with my wonderful husband He took the day off work just for me! We went out for breakfast after dropping the kids off at school. I rained all day but I still have a beautiful day, and I am baking in the oven as I type a baked chocolate cherry cheesecake! I am looking forward to that.   We are also going out for dinner tomorrow night with all my family.  I am still waiting on one present that is coming all the way from USA I will show pictures when it gets hear.

Have a beautiful friday Lisa