Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty and Pink - New shop display

I have been busy doing new displays in the shop well I would really like to be doing my Christmas displays and putting up my new pink Christmas tree in the shop I'm just not sure if It is to early I don't think so as I love Christmas so much. I will attach a couple of photo's of the new display I just love pink and green together, they are my favourite colours. Have a beautifully pink day! Lisa XoXo

Monday, October 6, 2008

School holidays & sewing busy busy!

Well the kids are back at school today and I am back to work tomorrow, but I have no Internet and phone at the shop not sure what the problem is! We have had a very busy school holidays we went to the beach into the city, movies and movie days at home. The weather has been really warm. So today Monday is my day off and I am sitting at home wondering why is it so quiet that's right the kids are back at school.

I spent the weekend at the shop with my husband and kids rearranging the shop to give it a fresh look for spring, I have fairy lights up ready for christmas displays which I am working on for the next couple of weeks I have been busy over the holidays sewing christmas stockings Santa sacks for the kids I am also working on some bags, laundry bags and pretty pillows. So I have been very busy with the kids and sewing I think that is why the holidays seemed to go so quickly, So my daughter informed me this morning on the way to school "mum I only have 8 weeks of school" this year as she is in high school year 10 she get the finish the 28th November.

The attached photo is some lavender bags I have just finished they are like large hag tags made from fabric and filled with lavender and finished off with lace and flowers.
So in the blink of an eye it will be christmas!

have a wonderful day everyone.
Lisa XoXo.