Friday, September 5, 2008

Shop displays

Well hello I just thought I would post some new photo's of the shop I am going back to the shop tonight to pull everything apart and totaly rearrange to give it a fresh look. Have a wonderful weekend. Lisa XoXo

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is what has been taking up all my time

One of my things I wanted to do this was to learn how to make artist bears and I will in the future be selling them with my dolls. So for the last 3 weeks I have been taking bear classes and this is my very first bear and she will be sitting on my desk to remind me of what my bears looked like when I first started I have another 4 bears on the go at the moment I can't show you just yet, I am also working on my new blog for my bears and a new website which should be up and running in the next couple of weeks so at the moment I am working around the clock to get a stock up of dolls and bears for the new website you will also be able to see them on the inncountry website and blog I will also have them in the shop for sale in the coming months.
Along with soom new pillows & Cushions that I have been working on for the last month or so, so as you can see I have been super busy. As soon as I have some pillow's & cushions completed I will post them so you can take a look. Have a wonderful Evening Lisa XoXo