Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh how I love spring

Well today is the 1st September which means the first day of spring I already have new leaves on my trees out the front of our house and the birds are chirping, My son and I where outside reading this morning when we discovered a little bird nest in our tree and a Mother bird sitting on the nest, He took this photo!

I even did a little gardening myself this morning in our courtyard garden I moved a gardenia plant that was not doing so well, hopefully it will pickup my other gardenia plant is ready to flower I love flowers in the spring we also just planted some jasmine plants out the front and when I lay in bed of a morning with the french doors open I can spell the flowers oh how I love spring,

The weather is always perfect not to hot not to cold. It also means for me the start of my Christmas sewing for the website and Christmas shopping I do like to get organised!

Well I try it does not always work out that way.

Have a beautiful Spring Day Lisa

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy weekend

Lemon Meringue pie

This is our new chicken Nutmeg

Home made strawberry Jam

Chocolate (Rooster) in his new home with 150 Ladies to keep him company!

This is my boy with his chicken Chocolate which we found out is a Rooster!

Hello all,

Well it's Sunday night again and this weekend was very busy. For the last week or so we have what we think is a rooster noise from one of our chicken as the week went on it got more often thank god it was after 9.00am that it decided to do this as we are not allowed to have a rooster we can have chicken.

So Saturday morning for us was to take chocolate (rooster) to a chicken farm not far from us and this is what we got in return for chocolate (rooster) we welcome Nutmeg into our group of girls (Chickens). Chocolate (rooster) belonged to my youngest son and we bought them up from little chicks so it was really hard for him but we did not have an option. So I have photos of chocolate in his new home with 150 other chicken he will love. So having done that we spent the rest of the morning gardening and them my husband made a lemon meringue pie for desert.

Both my husband and I love to cook so on Saturday he cooked and Sunday morning I made a new batch of strawberry jam. then we went for a drive in the country as we have been teaching our oldest daughter to drive so we thought the country would be a good drive for her.
We didn't seem to stop all weekend.
have a beautiful week Lisa