Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wonderful News

Wow 2 posts in one day! I have some wonderful news for you all I am about to open a second shop
well the first one is a very small room size shop but still a shop.

I should have more details tomorrow on when I open and address details for you.  I just could not wait any longer. 

have a beautiful Evening Lisa

more shop photos and some new stock

here is another new bird cage which you can sit candles in. I have them in the above colour and also white. Just lovely I have had them in the shop a couple of weeks now.
Bunting flags, which have been selling well. I have been making them with burlap & calico

I have so many no shots of the shop with new stuff I thought I would just add a couple of new shots each day.

this gorgeous little white one that hangs by a chain (this is not the best photo)

hand made luggage tags I have lots of different ones in the shop and they are a great seller you get 5 for $5.00 I have just listed these in my etsy store to.
with lots more to come.  I have a huge variety

Monday, May 28, 2012

More shop photos

as promised some more shop photos, this is the chandalier that has just been put in the shop.  It looks amazing hanging from the roof. 

some new stock in the shop this week

these gorgeous bird cages, I also have some white one, I didnt get a photo of them I will pop out to the shop this week to take some extra photos.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Well it has been far to long

I can't beleive how long it has been since I last did a post, I have been so busy with the shop.  It is going so well. I have lots of photos to share with you all.  It has changed so much since I started last November

paper Lollies. these sell really well at the shop

I have lots of things happening. I have a doll and bear show on the 16th and 17th June at the RNA Show grounds here in Brisbane it is called Winter wonderland.

I have an opening of my shop at old petrie town with the lovely linda from Lilly Cottage. its a Crown and cupcake theme of the 11th June a Public Holiday here in Brisbane hours to be advised. I have some other things on the go details to come on that.

Vintage Music sheet Paper wreath. this one is large price is $35.00 I have the small ones they are $15.00

I must say this is not the best photo I will try to get a better shot

I am having problems loading photos on the blog.  So i will leave it here tonight and be back tomorrow with more photos, I will be uploading some new items on my etsy site tomorrow and also the website.