Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Love of cooking

Good Morning all,

The other night I cooked Cauliflower & Leek soup I had all the kids complaining do we really have to eat that! I had never made it before so not knowing what it tasted like I did say to them all have a try and if you don't like it you don't have to eat it!

Well they couldn't get enough of it. It was the easiest soup I had every cooked and tasted beautiful. So I thought I would share the recipe with you (I did forget to take a photo) so I have used one from the Internet.
Cauliflower & Leek soup

You will need

I large Cauliflower
2 x Large Onions/Leeks
200 grams bacon
300 mls Cream
1lt Vegetable stock

Dice onions/leeks and bacon put into saucepan with olive oil and start the cooking process cut the cauliflower into small pieces add to the onion and bacon add vegetable stock and cream and thyme and cook on slow for about 20 or until cauliflower is all mushy (good cooking term) at this time you can blend or keep it chunky! Pop the parsley in just before serving next time I cook this I will take photo's.
Serve with crusty bread!

Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wonderful Day

Roses from my Darling Husband! He is the best Husband in the whole world

Vintage style rosary beads from my beautiful girl She so knows me and what I love.
I have a collect of old bibles so these just work so well together.

and the above presents are from both my amazing boys!
I am so lucky I really have the best family in the world.

Hi all,

I just had to do a quick post to say thankyou to you all for my beautiful messages I have had many phone calls from friends and family.

I woke up to these beautiful gifts from my kids this morning.

I went shopping with my son and daughter she bought morning tea for us we shopped till we droped! then we went into the city to have lunch with my husband and then afternoon tea with the 3 of my kids, we have an amazing dinner planned and baked chocolate cheese cake for desert!
Have a beautiful Evening Lisa

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look what I got in the mail this morning

I have two patterns and this gorgeous doll from Nicole Ellison of Raggedy Old Annies

A New sewing book this is the third one from the Sewing Homestyle by Tone Finnanger.
I would love a couple more.

Good Morning all,

Well it's my birthday tomorrow and I have a couple of presents already my wonderful Husband has been so busy and this is what I opened already I know I should have left them till tomorrow I am really bad at that.
My beautiful kids keep reminding me every day how many sleeps I have to go and this morning they all said Mum only one more sleep to go. I'm glad they are counting, we have this tradition that every birthday they all come and wake me really early and all sit on the bed and we open presents then I normally have breakfast cooked for me. Tomorrow I have planed a day out with two of my 3 kids as one of them has a day off for study and my youngest I home school so it should be a wonderful day and I plan to have lunch with my husband as well.

Have a beautiful day Lisa