Monday, May 10, 2010

I have spent the day cooking

Every couple of days I bake cookies and cakes for the kids for the week.  I have always baked as my middle son when he was a little boy we found out he reacts badly to preservatives in food so where possible I always bake!
  A couple of days ago I did a batch of choc chip cookies which did not last long so I thought with all my mothers day gifts I had to try them out so I made a couple of batches of melting moments and they look amazing my youngest son is going to take some to school tomorrow for his teacher!
I have just finishing cleaning up after all my baking and it time to sit and have a coffee a melting moment and watch Martha Stewart on TV I love to watch Martha!

Have a beautiful afternoon Lisa

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beautiful Mothers Day

Wonderful Mothers day presents I got all my requests them sum the handbag was a suprise from my husband and also some handmade gifts from the kids. Handmade cards I love them and also some handmade fudge! yum

My boys I could not get a photo of my daughter she would not let me!

this was the lake where we had our picnic.

This is my little silky chicken fully grown she is tiny!

this was taken this morning while having a morning coffee in our court yard garden that where she lives
she was out wandering and eating my parsley.

Today is mothers day
I had a beautiful day with my husband and kids
we opened presents early this morning then I had a sleep in for a while and then breakfast bagels with smoked salmon poched egg and hollandaise sauce some of my favourite food!

We had a bike ride down by the river and then stopped for a picnic lunch the weather was beautiful!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother Day! Lisa