Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tree Trimming

As promised some more photos of our tree trimming and beautiful dinner.
We had a wonderful Evening together trimming the tree and eating a wonderful home cooked meal!

Our beautiful tree before the ornaments went on

after ornaments are on.  It look just beautiful

We had a special dinner to celebrate Christmas tree Trimming

This is a close up of the table

 Home made fruit mince pies made by me

here are some of our ornaments

I really love the cross in the above photo

this ornament has been hand made by me

this is one of the oldest ornaments we have we bought this one just after we where married 14 years ago

I hope everyone has a Beautiful Christmas and santa brings lots of gifts!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Tree Triming

Well tomorrow is the 1st December and that is tree triming day I have this thing that the tree must go up on the 1st Dec and come down on the 1st January.  So today I have started decorating the house.  Each year I have a different theme and this year I have gone vintage pearls & roses so please take a look and let me know what you think.
the below photo is my new header for the christmas holidays!

 Only 26 sleeps till santa comes we have already had the santa photo done and I did have a lot of complaining this year I'm to old for this but I still had one done.  I have 17 years of santa photos that is one of our traditions, So tomorrow is the large tree going up and my daughter and I put up the tree waiting for all the family to come home from school and work then goes on the lights which my husband always does and he always does an amazing job! then we have chrismtas music going while we all decorate the tree.  I have lots of hand made decorations which I alway hand make a new one each year!
 This year I have made small santa stockings which I am yet to finish.

I will also cook a lovely dinner and make the table all beautiful for our special dinner.  So tomorrow will be a busy day from morning till night.  Lots of christmas cooking to be done. Fruit mince pies I do every year I handmake the short cust pastry I also make my own fruit mince which has been in the fridge for a couple of weeks already soaking in port.  This year I have already made a christmas cake for the family and it didn't last long so I will be making another one. It was the first time that I  made a Fruit cake but it really turned out beautifully.  I will take lots of photos tomorrow and I will share them all with you.

This is my Nativity Scene that we bought last year.  My husbands mum and dad have this really beautiful old Nativity scene that she has had since she was a little girls I think it is 50 years old and it will be something that is pasted down to other family.  So I hope one day mine will have the same memory for our children!

I love Christmas. It's family time.

In this photo the white wreath I made this year and the baubles have roses petals and vintage pearls and in the middle is a shoe that was given to me on my wedding day 14 years ago and each year it sits on my tree and that is one that I always put onto the tree.

Have a beautiful day till tomorrow Lisa