Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Christmas photos & rearranging the lounge room

I took these photo's today after our new lounge arrived today I still have one coming hopfully next weekend.  This one has a sofa bed for when we have visitors.

I have also started working on my photo wall I have been trying to do this for a couple of months but have not been able to find the right frames.  The other day when taking my son to the doctor we did a little shopping after and I found these beautiful frames.

The above lounge is one I have had for about 8 years and is really old and worn So I will have a new one next week the same as the below photo, I really love the new look "black" I also have a cover in white we got them from ikea. The one below is a sofa bed for when we have visitors! So it will be really easy to keep them clean and now the kids are older hopfully not as many marks!

I also have some new curtins they are a beautiful linen colour and fabric it's a nice change from what I had before, I will have to show you a before and after in a couple of days!

It was a beautiful bright sunny Summers day today so I was able to get some really good shots in the house.

Here is another photo of my photo wall I will pop out tomorrow to get some more frames I hope they have some left!

have a beautiful Summers Evening Lisa

It's Party Time


 Well it's still the 5th December here only by a couple of mins, I have been so busy I amost forgot about the blog party going on over at she is have a party all about christmas. Please pop ove and visit all the other blogs that are joining in, I know I will be so I will be busy for the next couple of hours.

Here is what makes it christmas for our family. "Christmas Traditions".  We always put the tree up on the 1st of December no matter what day it is my daughter and I put up the tree then my husband puts the lights on the tree and we all put the decorations on while listening to christmas music.  them when we are done the star is the last thing to go on the tree and then my husband turns on the lights for the first time.  And it's alway Wow that looks beautiful.  Then we sit down to a beauitful roast dinner with all the trimmings and a beautiful table.

I alway do lots of baking at christmas and the kids love to help! I bake fruit mince pies, fruit cake for the first time this year, spiced cookies, Rum balls and just before christmas day the kids and it make a ginger bread house and decorate it together I think more lollies go into their mouths but it's all in a bit of fun.

Fruit mince pies with short cust pastry

This year on my tree I have these beautiful large baubles filled with english rose petals. You can see them in the above photo with the fruit mince pies. I also have other baubles filled with pearls

I always make my own decorations for the tree each year I make a new one and this year it was linen Christmas stockings small enough for the tree. I do allow myself to go out and buy one or two, But I really love to make things! This is what I have made this year christmas stockings small enough to go on the tree

I am still yet to finish all the stockings I have been so busy with making dolls.  Hopefully I will have them all finished this week.  You will also find in the below post I have already added some photo's of the tree and some of the decorations that are on the tree.

This is our nativity Scene this will be the second year I have had it.  My mother in law has this really old one that she has had since she was a little girl and every year it gets put out at christmas time and one day will be pasted onto someone else in the family, I hope in years to come ours will hold the same memorys for us.

The christmas cross in the above photo I made about 12 years ago and each year I give it a fresh look with a new ornament.  I have two of these and I really love the way they look of the wall!

Each year I have a new theme for the decoration and the tree and this year is vintage so I have gone for baubles filled with English Rose petals and pearls.  They look beautiful in this really large glass, I will have to take a couple more photo's of the tree with the baubles on it.

I love gold and white together along with pearls!

Christmas for us is all about family time!
Merry Christmas Everyone I hope all your dreams and wishes come true and that we all have a safe and happy christmas!  We should all be thankful for our loved ones!

Lisa XXX