Monday, May 17, 2010

A very Busy Monday

It's Monday here in Australia and only a couple more weeks till winter.
We got a lot done on the weekend
Firstly it was my son's 14th birthday and we had a fantastic family day together
after opening birthday presents we went out for breakfast
but first we had to stop for a surprise birthday gift from us a new bike!
He got a limit and could pick out which one he liked the most.

Then after breakfast we all went out shopping and had lots of fun together he had a couple of gift vouchers to use. so he bought some new x- box games and some new cloths.

if you would like the recipe for the homemade lemonade just click here

Then in the afternoon my husband decided to pick the rest of the lemons from our tree and gave it a good prune! which we do every couple of years.  So after pruning the tree and lots of lemons he came in to make some home made lemonade! which we all love 

This is the lemon tree now! It looks really sad

we are still waiting on the fruit from our mandarin tree.

the orange tree is still about half full of fruit we got to pick some yesterday and the juice was just beautiful so sweet.  We have had our house for 7 years now and I think this orange tree is a lot older than that we do nothing to it and each and every year it fruit and lots of fruit and always sweet juice. We do love our oranges

this is the size of the oranges and the lemons are on the left

this is half the fruit my husband picked yesterday
He also had time to cut down the banana trees that had fruit on them
he also left a mess in the garden that will have to be finished next weekend

this is what is left of the banana trees we still have a couple that are growing! so we will have lots of bananas again next year.

these are half the bananas that are in our little shed that need  ripening  up
now I must leave you all so I can get the house work done before the kiddies come home from school!

Have a beautiful Monday Lisa

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Gail McCormack said...

Hi Lisa

Sounds like you've had an enjoyable and productive weekend

Happy Birthday to your son

Gail xx