Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A beautiful Winters day

it's been a busy weekend for me I had the Brisbane trade Fair to go to for the shop Wow! I had so much fun finding lot's of new goodies for the shop it is mind blowing. My husband and I spent about 6 hours looking at all the wonderful new items I will be getting in the shop in the coming weeks. So keep a look out. The first order I did was some just beautiful flowers I can't put into words how stunning they are, I am Really looking forward to getting them in. Once again we re arranged the shop with every new item that comes in it a large job finding it a new home. but coming into the shop this morning it's looking just fantastic. I will add some photo's so you can take a look yourself. We have a beautiful sunny day in brisbane today and you would not think it is winter. Have a beautifully pink day. Lisa X0X0

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