Wednesday, July 11, 2012

beautiful displays

this is out in the back room, or as my son like's to say the staff room. it is an extra desk that i can work at while standing.  I have added all my loves.

the draws in the photo above I purchased to sell in the shop but i love them so much i have decided to keep them and use them to put all my craft in.

New display in a vintage suitcase. Love

love this display to so pretty.

hello lovely people, it's the middle of the week and i have done so much work this week, having a shop is really good for keeping up with work, I have no computer distractions or tv. all my orders have been done and ready to post apart from one I got yesterday, i am currently working on that.

I thought i would share some more photos of the shop. enjoy.

Have a beautiful afternoon Lisa

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Natasha Burns said...

love love love those drawers!!!!