Monday, August 23, 2010

Dress Forms

handmade from calico which I dyed with parrisian and vanilla to give it an aged look I have used Cheese cloth/muslin at the bottom with a pin badge!

Well I think we all love dress forms I have a passion for them, and I have been working on this dress form for a while, its a little different but I love the way it has turned out so much. they will be on the website this week for sale! 

they stand 35cm 14" they stand on a vintage cotton bobbin and I have added one of my vintage style pin badges.  I have stamped the name paris on the top with fabric paint. I have just finished two and I have a couple more that I am working on.

 I have added a photo of the baked cheesecake I made a Chocolate cherry cheesecake! it was beautiful and didn't last long at all.

Have a beautiful Monday Lisa

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Annalisa said...

It's very beautifull...good!!!