Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh how I love spring

Well today is the 1st September which means the first day of spring I already have new leaves on my trees out the front of our house and the birds are chirping, My son and I where outside reading this morning when we discovered a little bird nest in our tree and a Mother bird sitting on the nest, He took this photo!

I even did a little gardening myself this morning in our courtyard garden I moved a gardenia plant that was not doing so well, hopefully it will pickup my other gardenia plant is ready to flower I love flowers in the spring we also just planted some jasmine plants out the front and when I lay in bed of a morning with the french doors open I can spell the flowers oh how I love spring,

The weather is always perfect not to hot not to cold. It also means for me the start of my Christmas sewing for the website and Christmas shopping I do like to get organised!

Well I try it does not always work out that way.

Have a beautiful Spring Day Lisa

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clare's craftroom said...

Happy Spring ! I came here because I smelt that pie below , don't suppose there's any left ?