Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wonderful Day

Roses from my Darling Husband! He is the best Husband in the whole world

Vintage style rosary beads from my beautiful girl She so knows me and what I love.
I have a collect of old bibles so these just work so well together.

and the above presents are from both my amazing boys!
I am so lucky I really have the best family in the world.

Hi all,

I just had to do a quick post to say thankyou to you all for my beautiful messages I have had many phone calls from friends and family.

I woke up to these beautiful gifts from my kids this morning.

I went shopping with my son and daughter she bought morning tea for us we shopped till we droped! then we went into the city to have lunch with my husband and then afternoon tea with the 3 of my kids, we have an amazing dinner planned and baked chocolate cheese cake for desert!
Have a beautiful Evening Lisa


essemia said...

I'm from Sweden and I just found your blog. Must say I love it! Will be back for more inspiration.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Elise said...

just wanted to say what a wonderful blog you have. Your pictures are stunning and I've really enjoyed having a nose around. Thank you and best wishes !