Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas is coming

Hello all long time between posts I have been so busy working on my dolls and cutom orders I have not had the time to work on Inn Country.  With christmas coming I thought I would sew some more christmas stockings they sold so well last year I thought I would do some more for this year so you find them on my website and also my new selling blog  I have only started my selling blog in the last couple of week and I am still working on stocking the shelfs. I will leave you with some photos of the stocking I will have more christmas stock I am working on it all while we speak.

All the christmas stockings are $35.00 Plus postage they will be on the website tonight
Have a beautiful day Lisa


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Gorgeous! Love the last one pictured!

lilmamasprimitives said...

I could just see those stockings by the chimney with care. They are oh so beautiful :)

Denise said...

Just stopped by for your blog address to add you to my party list and BOY did I get side tracked! Your stockings are gorgeous and your dolls are absolutely precious. You are one talented lady!