Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Creative Space

Well I hope I am not to late "My Desert Cottage" held a "where bloggers create" party on the 31st July. I was so inspired by so many bloggers out there that I went straight to my little space that I share with my husband out Study. And set to work on fixing it up it got so untidy and I couldn't find anything. I will share with you all "My Creative Space" and I wil also share with you all the things I love. I so love my new space and can't wait to use it.

So the above photo is some things I love a vintage baby dress with a mixed media print by Natasha burns, Please pop across and visit I have a lot of her work and just love everything she does.
All of my paint brushes. And a framed vintage style postcard.

This is the sewing side of my "creative Space" my sewing machine is sitting on an old singer sewing machine base. The book shelfs above hold all my baskets that hold my ribbon button etc.

this is my other desk for doing all my creative work! and I get to look out into my back yard which is full of palm trees and a large bali hut! Just beautiful.

one of my porcelain dolls this one is sleeping and dressed all in pink and is about 14cm long

Hanging on the wall is another painting by Natasha burns this one is painted on an old board I really love the cup cakes

here is one of the baskets that contains beads that I use in my sewing.

This is a beautiful folk art painting of some old bears this one is painted by Kathy Karus.

She has a blog and also sells on ebay. But you have to be quick to get one of her peices.

up the back on the shelfs is another Kathy Karas artwork. this one is a vintage beauty bag

below is a close up of the beauty case.

You can pop over and visit her blog

this beautiful cabinet once lived in my kitchen but we have just finished renovating my new kitchen and there is no room for it so I have claimed it for all my craft items and collections.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my little creative space, It has taken me 4 days to rearrange everything and move all the furniture, and wow I am so pleased with the end result.

Have a beautiful Day! Lisa


cyndi said...

What a beautiful inspiring place to create...I love the whole effect....sure helps in the creative process to be surrounded by such beautiful things...nice job...Cyndi

Jessica said...

Your sewing space is so pretty! :-)
I just found your web site in an old issue of Country Home Ideas- I love it. I am thinking of trying some of your melts. :-)

Adeline Country Cottage said...

OMG what a wonderful space to work in...lots of treasures here....I too have a few gorgeous items from our dear friend it.

Thanks for popping over.