Saturday, June 13, 2009

New things are happening at our house

This is the vintage wall paper we found while ripping off the kitchen tiles, the tiles where glued on with something that was black ???? which ripping off the gyprock so that means we will be replacing the bottom half of the kitchen wall even more work. As we are doing all the work ourself, it seems like it will take even longer well that is all in the fun of working on an old house!

Hello all,

Well it's June and our new kitchen is starting to happen well before the kitchen happens we started a couple of weeks ago by ripping up the old ugly tiles that we had in the kitchen over beautiful floor boards and the day started well but ended not so good with a lot of large wholes in the floor boards.

So onto plan no two which was to lay new floor boards. So for the last couple of weeks I have lived with wholes in my floor not so good but knowing that it leads to my new kitchen!

So onto the next thing, I have had a home blog for a while now documenting all our home renovations so from now until we are done with the kitchenI will be updating daily. So I will leave you with some photo's Lisa XoXo you will also find the link to the top right of my blog

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