Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family tree trimming at Christmas

Well for as long as I can remember we have been hand making christmas decorations for our tree and every September I always begin. When my daughter was in grade 1 at school she came home with some christmas craft that she had made at school so that was the year that we sat around the table at that stage I only had 2 children and we made our decorations for the tree, so every year when september rolls around I know christmas for me is getting close I love christmas so much as it is family time we have some christmas traditions the christmas tree must and I mean must go up on the 1st December my daughter and I always put up the tree as it is so large it takes us a couple of hours then my wonderful husband does the lights and every year without fail he does a wonderful job. Then we lay out all the ornaments on our coffee table for the whole family to do the tree in the mean time I have a wonderful dinner cooking I go all out normally a roast of some kind I set the table with all the beautiful plates and glasses put my best table cloth on the table and candles.

Then we decorate the tree and when we are all finished the lights go on! and wow every year it looks just beautiful and that's one of the family things we like to do every year and for the last couple of years I have invited my wonderful family for christmas tree trimming, My husbands parents. It's very special and the kids love to see their grandparents.

Over the next couple of months I will share some more family christmas traditions we do and I will be adding handmade christmas ornaments to the website! I really hope you will love them as much as we do. Have a beautiful day Lisa XoXo


Lucinda Obrien said...

Hi Lisa, I just got my copy of CHI and thought I'd check out your website and blog.You have done a wonderful job at putting it all together.I too have a shop,check out my
Have a great day!

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Lisa,
I popped on over from Lucinda's blog and have enjoyed wandering through your shop and blog.

You have some lovely items and I hope you have a really busy Christmas period in the shop.

Shabby Art Boutique